South Carolina wins 2022 HDSA Affiliate of the Year

The HDSA Affiliate of the Year exemplifies the very best of HDSA community leadership and the values of ONE HDSA. The Affiliate’s volunteers work collaboratively with staff and one other to support the HDSA mission in their community through community resources, fundraising activities, as well as welcoming new HD families. This Affiliate regularly recruits volunteers and strives to develop a leadership committee that showcases versatility and talent. The Affiliate of the Year innovates with new programs and activities, engages their community and serves as ambassadors for the HD community.

The South Carolina Affiliate held several events throughout the year, including a Team Hope Walk in Charleston that DOUBLED its fundraising goal. Their outreach included two education days, several support groups, two walks, fantasy football, a bike & walk event and deep work in the advocacy efforts of the Parity Act. The collaborative spirit of their leaders creates a welcoming environment for others to join and they welcomed several new committee members in 2022.

South Carolina boasts the hard work of two Centers of Excellence led by teams that support one another and teams that show up in every way for the HD community. Their outreach led to relationships throughout the state, including new family meet ups in the northern part of the state previously less involved.

At every turn, Kim Obsorne, Joyce Sireno, and Joe Lapaglia lead this group to talk about HD. As Joyce often says of asking for sponsorships, "Even if they say no, I've educated someone about HD". They are always open to sharing their stories, talking to the media, posting on social media, and bringing awareness to the disease. 

​Congratulations to you all!